Redbubble: you can take your pattern or design and make pillows, clocks, phone covers, dresses, scarves, notebooks, coffee mugs--and of course, stickers! And a bunch of other stuff, too.

It's like Etsy, but you don't have to ship anything. You can choose how much of a cut you want. And you don't have to ship anything. Plus, you don't have to ship anything. Because, personally, my post office is the worst.

The downside: as a newbie, I don't know if the product I'm producing will be faithful to the image seen. Spoonflower, for example, won't allow you to sell your wares until you buy proofs; expensive, but smart. Redbubble is more of a Wild West situation, but they have a solid return policy. I ordered a bag of my own making from Redbubble to see what it looked like in person, and I was not impressed--but I think the flaws were on my end, and  hopefully I've figured out how to get around these. I'm going to order a couple more items to verify that they look like they should.