Photo manipulation programs are hard

So you take this:



And apply one of the many artistic”Gimpressionist” filters in Gimp. Most of them are slight variations that make your image look like this:

Blah fter


But apply the “Embroidery” filter, and this is the result:

rainglow embroidery.png

Have the creators of Gimp any idea what embroidery looks like? Is this one of their nerd jokes, like the pepper brush or the toilet paper template? Maybe there’s a real application for it; a logo design for a bubble tea shop, or a visual for Hans Christian Andersen’s description of a dead mermaid.

doctored mermaid.png
dead mermaid.png

The internet doesn’t have much on the filter, just on how to create embroidery effects. Obviously not by using the embroidery filter. I’m off to apply the feather filter. I’m expecting everything to just turn into a foot.

UPDATE: Here’s an example of the feather filter.

green and purple diamonds 3d.png


All the filters are now Dippin’ Dotifying everything...I think it’s probably time to try turning Gimp off and on again.

UPDATE 2: Yup, just a glitch. I probably had too much heavy stuff open at the same time. The embroidery filter still doesn’t look much like embroidery, though.

Yawn City. But a little more useful.

Yawn City. But a little more useful.