Well, Then.

Yesterday I walked past a group of middle schoolers, and one was looking at her phone and nonchalantly said to another, "...no, my dad died and gave me $600,000." What the hell was asked that would prompt that answer?

"Aren't you going to run out of allowance if you keep treating us all to pizza everyday?"

"Don't you think your plans for a face tattoo will hinder future employment opportunities?"

“You look poor. Are you poor?”


A new version of Gimp has been out for around a year now, the first major overhaul in six years. I’ve put off installing it until this week, knowing I’d have to spend some time relearning my way around.

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Free Pet

While walking my city neighborhood last weekend, I did a little stoop-diving (like dumpster diving, but much easier—people leave their reusable, discarded goods on their stoops or on the curve) and picked up a few planting pots. At home, I found a small…

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Would you rather

Be physically unattractive and homeless, but highly intelligent and fit as a virile 20 year old your entire life, dropping dead of a painless stroke at the age of 99 or

Be a conventionally attractive billionaire who gets a serious and debilitating ailment once every five years, eventually developing a degenerative disease at 59 and dying at the age of 99

Clothing optional

Repeating Repeating

For the last few months, I spend most—if not all—of my creative time finessing seamless repeating patterns. When I finish one up, all I see is digital proof of my vast limitations, but it just makes me want to make the next one better, I suppose. Here’s a batch of Holiday-themed patterns.

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